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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about Stockmen's Club. Rightfully so, as we are a members only club that is quickly spreading around town. Here's a little info that we get regularly. 


Are non-members allowed?

We are a members only club. Which means that you need to be a member to enter the club. We do allow non-members as a special request, birthday parties, bar mitzvah's, and out of town friends. 


My friend wants to see the club and then possibly join?

That's wonderful news! We will add a day pass to your bill for your friend and they can enjoy the club like a member during your visit. As a member you can only bring in one non-member to "see the club."


Is this a men's only club?

The myth is that only men can join the club. That's not correct. Women can and have been joining the club since we opened in March. (maybe a little before) ;)


I heard that if I bring in a non-member for the day that I have to pay for their drinks?

That's true. Stockmen's Club doesn't charge non-members. If you invite a guest to the club, you're picking up their tab for the evening. It's the cowboy way! 


What if my wife has a membership, can I come with her? 

That's a negative. Every person entering the club, wife husband, friend, dog, cat, will need their own membership. 


Can I just Join at the Club? 

No. You will need to join online via our website. Typically approval is done within 24 hours and your membership card will be emailed to you. Members make reservations to be at the club so showing up and joining is taking up space from another member. 


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