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privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Last Updated:           October 30, 2020

This privacy policy (the“Policy”) outlines and explains how certain personal and non-personal information is collected from AmpLive, Inc. (“AmpLive”, “we”or “us”) and its affiliates, and how such information is shared with AmpLive’s customers and other third parties. This Policy only applies to the information that AmpLive collects on behalf of AmpLive customers, and it does not apply to other third party services, web sites and applications that contain their own privacy policy.

In addition to information we collect for our customers, we also make the distinction on what information is collected and shared from end users that view content and advertisements through the AmpLive service.


  1. From AmpLive Customers:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Various Names of Contacts (billing and accounts payable)
    • Username
    • Email Address
    • Login and Passwords
    • Address
    • Social Network Information
    • Campaign and Advertisement Information and Details
  2. From End Users: Since AmpLive is providing services on behalf of its customers, AmpLive does not actively collect personal information from end user’s, unless AmpLive gets end users express consent to collect and share personal information with its customers.


AmpLive passively collects the following information (on behalf of its customers) from end users who view AmpLive’s customer’s content and advertisements.

  1. Various Device Identifiers & Information:
    • IDFA
    • IDFV
    • MAC address
    • Advertising ID (Apple IDFA and Android Ad ID)
    • Browser ID and its versions
    • URL reference and URL of Advertisement
    • Mobile carrier information
  2. IP Addresses: IP addresses and general geography of end users.
  3. Activity & Behavior: End user activity and behavior within the web player, content, advertisements and related materials provided by our customers, being viewed and interacted by the end user.
  4. Duration of Engagement: Duration of end user’s engagement of the content and related materials, including date and time of access, browser information (and its version), duration of play and stream, and other duration and measurements as requested by AmpLive’s customers.
  5. Cookies: AmpLive and other third party service providers will employ certain technologies to store information on or read information about end user’s browsers or devices. Such technologies will include: (i) cookies, (ii) tracking pixels, (iii) web beacons; and (iv) local shared objects. Cookies help us improve our services, marketing information and improve end user experiences with AmpLive. End users can set their browsers to remove and reject the cookies, which may impact the end user’s experience with the AmpLive service.
  6. Do-Not Track:   AmpLive does honor and responds to “Do Not Track” browser signals and other mechanisms.
  7. Third Party Information: AmpLive does collect information that is shared by third parties who share their information via their privacy policy.


AmpLive uses all information collected and shared by third parties as follows:

  • to create and share statistics and reports regarding aggregate usage of the customer’s content and advertisements via the AmpLive service;
  • to link and combine with other information that AmpLive gathers;
  • to deliver and target advertising to end users, including personalized advertisements;
  • to reach out to end users about new products and services, and provide promotions on products and services; and to share information that end users or customers might be interested in;
  • to create accounts, and make credits or payments;
  • to analyze use and behavior of end users and our customers;
  • to help improve the AmpLive service; and
  • share this information with third parties.


AmpLive will share the information that is collected by and/or shared with AmpLive:

  • if required by law, or ordered pursuant to a court order or other legal proceeding;
  • ifAmpLive is acquired or sold to another entity, then AmpLive may share, transfer and/or assign all information collected by AmpLive;
  • ifAmpLive becomes insolvent or enters into bankruptcy proceeding or other similar legal proceeding;
  • if required by third party service providers who provide services to AmpLive. For example, payment processors who process payments for AmpLive;
  • for advertising, where we will permit advertisers and their agents to use cookies or related technologies within the AmpLive service to store information on or read information from your browser or device so that they can optimize their advertising campaigns;
  • pursuant to end user’s consent, if end user directs AmpLive to share their information or consent AmpLive to share end user information; and
  • all information that is de-identified or aggregated with other information will be shared with third parties without any restriction and will be used for any purpose.


The AmpLive service is not intended for any end user under the age of 13, and AmpLive does not knowingly collect information from anyone under the age of 13. No one under the age of 13 may access or use the AmpLive service to provide AmpLive with personally identifiable information.


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  • Stockmens Club, Inc 1911 Second Street Livermore CA 94550
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