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Welcome to your community watering hole. We serve great beer and wine with lots of wonderful fresh treats from around our town.


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 "I want a place I can go and have a beer, keep my kids entertained and hang out with my buddies. I couldn't find that in Livermore so we built it."

- Eddie Vaca Owner Stockmen's Club

I wanted to open a bar that had a community feel, that had great beer and food, and is locally sourced from our friends around town. Looking forward to having you in soon.

- Joe Tenca, Owner Stockmen's Club

Stockmen's Food

Look for the delicious menu of goodies. Sourced from around town. From the butcher shop to the bakery next door. Fresh good food! Thats the name of the game!

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Stockmen's Club

Whether you want to hang out, get it delivered, take it to go, we want you to have the very best.

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